Foreign Minister NP Saud Engages in Political and Business Meetings in America

Washington, D.C., Nov 3: On the third day of his official visit to the United States, Foreign Minister N.P. Saud engaged in various important discussions and meetings to strengthen bilateral ties and promote economic and technological cooperation between Nepal and the United States.

Meeting with Nepali American IT Professionals and Business Owners

The day began with the Minister for Foreign Affairs holding both virtual and in-person discussions with Nepali American IT professionals and business owners working in various companies across the United States and globally.

The discussions revolved around the progress of Nepal’s IT sector and the significant contributions of Nepali American business owners to its development. Minister Saud emphasized the political stability in Nepal and the government’s dedication to nurturing IT solutions and attracting investments from IT companies to create quality jobs and enhance the nation’s overall economic development.

Accreditation of AmCham Nepal

Following the IT discussions, Minister Saud attended a meeting at the headquarters of the US Chamber of Commerce in Washington, D.C. During this event, he witnessed the presentation of the Accreditation of the American Chamber of Commerce in Nepal (AmCham) by the US Chamber of Commerce.

The Founder Chairman of AmCham Nepal, Mr. Ajit Shah, received the Accreditation from Mr. John Murphy, Senior Vice President and Head of International Affairs at the US Chamber. With this accreditation, AmCham Nepal became the 130th chapter to receive the US Chamber’s recognition. The Minister stressed the importance of increased engagement between the private sectors of both countries and invited US businesses to explore investment opportunities in Nepal, particularly in Energy, IT, Tourism, and other priority sectors.

This accreditation signifies the institutional connection of the Nepali private sector with the global business federation, further strengthening Nepal-US economic linkages, and facilitating trade and investment between the two nations. Mr. Ajit Shah announced that AmCham Nepal plans to organize the first-ever US-Nepal Economic Summit in the first half of 2024, allowing American businesses worldwide to visit Nepal and explore investment and trade opportunities. The event, moderated by Ambassador Atul Keshap, Senior Vice President of the US Chamber, was also attended by Nepal’s Ambassador Sridhar Khatri and US Ambassador Dean Thompson.

Meetings with Senator Chris Van Hollen and American Business Community

Foreign Minister Saud held a meeting with Senator Chris Van Hollen, during which they discussed the overall context of bilateral relations and stressed the importance of parliamentary exchanges. The Minister also interacted with the Nepali American business community at the Embassy, highlighting the government’s initiatives to promote investments in Nepal. He addressed a range of questions and concerns raised by the participants regarding the investment climate and opportunities in Nepal.

Meetings with Uzra Zeya and Rear Admiral Eileen Laubacher

To conclude the day, Under Secretary for Civilian Security, Democracy, and Human Rights at the Department of State Uzra Zeya and Senior Director at the National Security Council Rear Admiral Eileen Laubacher called on the Minister at the Embassy. These high-level meetings aimed to further strengthen diplomatic and bilateral cooperation between Nepal and the United States.


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