Four Detained After Violent Assault on Doctors at Hetauda

Four individuals have been apprehended in connection with a violent assault on two doctors at Sancho Hospital in Hetauda Sub-Metropolitan City-2.

The incident unfolded following the passing of 42-year-old Rajesh Pradhan from Padampokhari, Hetauda-12, while he was under medical care. The suspects taken into custody include the deceased’s wife, Rama Pradhan, his daughter Ramita, his son Rohit, and his nephew Anup, all of whom were allegedly involved in the assault.

The assault occurred at 10 a.m. on Wednesday when a group of individuals, including those mentioned above, physically attacked two doctors at Sancho Hospital in Hetauda. The targeted medical professionals were identified as Dr. Bikas Thapa and Dr. Prashant Bidari. Shockingly, video footage of the assault has since gone viral on various social media platforms.

Rajesh Pradhan had been suffering from pneumonia as a complication of dengue fever. He was initially admitted to Sancho Hospital, where the medical team recommended placing him in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) due to the severity of his condition. However, his family insisted on keeping him in a regular ward for treatment. Subsequently, Rajesh was admitted to the High Dependency Unit (HDU) for closer monitoring and care.

Unfortunately, Rajesh’s health deteriorated significantly during the first night of treatment, leading to his referral to Chitwan Medical College. In response to his death, his relatives visited Sancho Hospital the following day but left upon being informed of the patient’s condition. Tensions escalated, resulting in the physical assault on two doctors by the deceased’s family members.


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