Fraud Complaint Filed Against NIC Asia Bank Branch Manager in Rautahat

A fraud complaint has been filed against Amod Gupta, the branch manager of NIC Asia Bank at Garuda Bazar in Rautahat.

The application submitted to the district administration office by the borrower, who had taken a loan from the bank, has come to the district police office in Rautahat for investigation, Superintendent of Police (SP) Mahendra Kumar Shrestha informed.

In the complaint, the borrower alleges that bank employees, including Branch Manager Gupta, were involved in fraudulent activities. The complaint specifically accuses the bank employees, including Gupta, of embezzling funds belonging to the debtor who had secured a mortgage loan.

According to the complainant, the bank employees, including Gupta, had sanctioned an agricultural concessional loan. Subsequently, they coerced the borrower into signing a blank check, which was later used to withdraw the amount in the names of the bank employees and other parties.

SP Shrestha stated that an investigation into the matter has been initiated, and it is currently ongoing. During the preliminary investigation, it has been noted that there appears to be a lack of coordination in the financial transactions between the borrower and the bank.

Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Damodar KC from the district office confirmed that a formal complaint has been received from the victim, and the investigative process has already commenced. He further explained that while the application has been received, it is yet to be officially registered.

DSP KC also revealed that Branch Manager Gupta has been summoned to the police office for questioning in connection with the case.


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