Gold Prices Surge by Rs 200 per Tola

The Nepal Gold and Silver Dealers’ Association has announced a notable increase in gold prices in the Nepali market today. According to the latest data, the price of fine gold has experienced a surge, reaching Rs 115,700 per tola, while standard gold is now traded at Rs 115,150 per tola.

This surge marks a substantial rise from the previous day’s rates, where fine gold was valued at Rs. 113,200 per tola and standard gold at Rs. 112,650 per tola on Sunday. The sudden increase of Rs 200 per tola underscores the volatility in the precious metals market.

The Nepal Gold and Silver Dealers’ Association regularly monitors and adjusts the prices of gold and silver based on international market rates. The Federation’s decision to raise the prices reflects the impact of global factors influencing the precious metals sector.

In addition to gold, the price of silver has also been revised, with the current rate set at Rs 1,450 per tola.


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