Hearing in Cricketer Lamichhane’s Minor Rape Case Postponed Again

The hearing for the minor rape case involving cricketer Sandeep Lamichhane has been postponed once again due to a shortage of judges at the Kathmandu District Court.

This delay, the second in recent weeks, occurred on September 18 as well, when the hearing was initially adjourned for the same reason.

According to Deepak Dahal, the Information Officer of the Kathmandu District Court, only 15 out of the scheduled 30 hearings will proceed today. Sandeep’s case was among those postponed because none of the judges present today had been assigned to the court via the lottery system.

Dahal explained that the delays in resolving certain cases were worsened by the transfer of judges from the Kathmandu District Court to other locations, with their replacements yet to return to duty in Kathmandu.

Despite the Supreme Court’s directive to prioritize the swift resolution of the rape case against Lamichhane, the Kathmandu Court has faced challenges in expediting proceedings.


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