Join President Paudel for Tika: 2 PM for Special Guests, 3 PM for the Public

President Ram Chandra Paudel is set to extend his blessings to both distinguished guests and the wider public with the traditional ‘tika’ ceremony. This event is scheduled to take place at Sheetal Niwas, the official residence of the President.

The distinguished guests, a gathering of high-ranking officials and dignitaries, have been cordially invited to partake in the tika ceremony between 2 PM and 3 PM, signifying a symbol of respect and unity during this festive season.

Following this exclusive session, President Paudel has allotted a designated period from 3 PM to 5 PM for the general public to join in and receive tika from the President, creating an inclusive and memorable experience for all citizens.

In preparation for this important event, the President’s office has kindly requested all attendees to adhere to a modest dress code, emphasizing the importance of cultural and traditional values during this auspicious time.

As President Ram Chandra Paudel extends his warmest wishes to the nation on this Vijaya Dashami, the ‘tika’ ceremony is expected to be a unifying and harmonious celebration of the rich cultural heritage of Nepal. The event promises to foster a sense of togetherness among all attendees, marking the significance of this special day in the Nepalese calendar.


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