Koshi Chief Minister Kedar Karki Seeks Vote of Confidence

Koshi Province’s Chief Minister, Kedar Karki, made a significant appeal in today’s provincial assembly meeting by seeking a vote of confidence from the assembly members. In his address, Chief Minister Karki expressed his unwavering confidence that the members of the provincial assembly would unite to prevent Koshi Province from being thrust into midterm elections.

Karki’s plea for a vote of confidence is grounded in the belief that the unity of the assembly members will effectively stabilize the political situation in the province, averting the need for premature elections. The Chief Minister underscored the importance of maintaining political stability and ensuring continued governance for the benefit of the citizens of Koshi Province.

To formalize his request for a vote of confidence, Chief Minister Karki has submitted a proposal in accordance with clause 4 of Article 168 of the Constitution of Nepal.


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