Lawmaker Tara Lama Tamang Expresses Frustration Over Unaddressed Concerns in Federal Parliament

Lawmaker Tara Lama Tamang has voiced his disappointment over the lack of attention paid to the pressing issues he raised during special hour and zero hour sessions in the federal parliament.

In an interview with RSS reporter Siddha Raj Bhatta from Dhangadhi, Tamang expressed his dismay, stating, “I repeatedly voiced concerns for the welfare of the people and the issues facing my constituency in the House of Representatives, but unfortunately, they were not addressed.”

Tamang highlighted several critical issues he brought up in parliament, including the border dispute, the plight of victims affected by wildlife reserves in Kanchanpur, slow progress in the construction of the postal highway, and the threat of river erosion. Despite his efforts, he lamented, the government failed to give adequate attention to these pressing matters.

While the government made verbal promises to address these problems, Tamang criticized its failure to translate these words into action. He expressed concern that the federal parliament seemed to be deviating from its responsibilities and agenda necessary for the effective enforcement of federalism.

As a leader of the CPN UML and a Member of Parliament representing constituency-1 of Kanchanpur district, Tamang drew from his experience as both a Provincial Assembly member and a member of the House of Representatives. He observed that while the Provincial Assembly actively worked on drafting bills in its initial phase, the House of Representatives lagged behind in fulfilling its legislative duties.

Tamang emphasized the importance of consolidating the functions of the legislature, executive, and judiciary for effective governance. He questioned why the government and parliament disregarded the reports submitted by parliamentary committees, stressing the need for their recommendations to be taken seriously.

While acknowledging the positive step of preparing a tentative schedule for parliamentary business, Tamang criticized the government and relevant bodies for their failure to combat corruption effectively. He denounced any biased behavior or compromise when it came to fighting corruption, insisting that anti-corruption efforts must yield concrete results.

The UML lawmaker also advocated for the continuation of positive initiatives initiated by previous governments. However, he expressed disappointment over the political parties’ increasing distance from each other, even on issues related to development and prosperity.

Tamang outlined his vision for a prosperous Nepal, emphasizing the importance of creating employment opportunities within the country, implementing long-term plans, and prioritizing nationally significant projects.


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