Local Governments, LDT, and NRNA Collaborate to Boost Lumbini’s Global Recognition

Lumbini, November 12: Four local governments situated within the Buddha circuit in Lumbini, along with the Lumbini Development Trust (LDT), the Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA), and other organizations, have agreed to forge a collaborative partnership to elevate the global recognition of Lumbini, the birthplace of Gautam Buddha.

A virtual meeting held on Saturday among the Lumbini Sanskritik, Ram Gram, Kapilvastu, and Devdaha municipalities, as well as the LDT and NRNA USA and Europe, concluded with a mutual agreement to collectively work towards promoting the essence and identity of Lumbini on the international stage. The Lumbini Sanskritik Municipality facilitated the meeting.

Dhundiraj Bhattarai, the treasurer of LDT, expressed hope for the significant role of NRNA in amplifying the publicity of the area. He shared details about the LDT’s policy, emphasizing the cooperation of Non-Resident Nepalis (NRNs) to further promote Lumbini and the teachings of Buddha globally. He urged for broader collaborations to materialize plans for welcoming more tourists to this historic town.

Mayor Sajaruddhin Musalman of Lumbini Sanskritik echoed the need for increased efforts to highlight the global identity of Lumbini. Mayors Dhanpat Yadav of Ramgram, Dhruba Prasad Kharel of Devdaha, and Sudip Poudel of Kapilvastu stressed the importance of development initiatives targeting not only Lumbini but also Ramgram, Devdaha, and Kapilvastu.

Netra Prasad Pandey, NRNA America vice president, underscored the necessity for collective efforts in promoting Lumbini and the Buddhist Circuit. Other speakers highlighted the importance of extending tourists’ stays in Lumbini.

The meeting concluded with a decision to seek support and cooperation from various organizations, including the Europe-Nepal Chamber of Commerce for Tourism, Nepali Society Texas, and the Nepal Cultural and Spiritual Centre. These efforts aim at further developing Lumbini, enhancing its global recognition, and making it a more attractive destination for tourists.


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