Loktantrik Samajbadi insists on amending Constitution

The Loktantrik Samajbadi Party has unveiled its election manifesto for the House of Representatives and the Province Assembly elections, underlining the need for amending the Constitution.

The document unveiled on Sunday amid a function here today insisted on the amendment of the Constitution arguing that it is ‘incomplete’, the full implementation of the federalism, the guarantee of citizenship cards to that meeting eligibility to obtain, and the enforcement of the principle of proportional inclusion.

The party expresses its commitment to practicing and promoting democracy, good governance, and a public-welfare system from the grass-root level, promising to come up with various plans and programs to promote the religious and cultural identities of Janakpur and Lumbini. It presents an idea of developing Janakpurdham as a tourist destination of the international standard and the Lumbini as the international meditation centre for Buddhists.

Citing that the Constitution has failed to address the sentiments of the Madhesh movement and thus is not a complete document, the party demands an end to all sorts of ‘discrimination’ against the people of Madhesh and the guarantee of their right to citizenship. “The LSP is fully committed to keeping the national unity and integrity intact by equally recognizing the presence and dignity of people from all classes and communities. “

As the party says, it stands for the parliamentary democracy, mixed electoral system, and free and inclusive judiciary, and sees the need for the participation of the Madhesi, Silpi, Tharu, Muslim, Indigenous Nationalities, ethnic people, backward and monitories in every State apparatus: executive, legislative and judiciary, whether it is civil service or Nepali Army, or the Nepal Police Service or the Constitutional bodies. The party insisted on the need for implementing a foreign policy that is capable of meeting the interests of the nation and taking it to the path of prosperity.

Mixed economic policy, good governance, the building of a corruption-free society, practical education, civic health, and prosperous nations have been priorities of the party, according to the document.
The protection of the Chure region, the modernization of agriculture, the management of a better market for agricultural products, youth empowerment and promotion of entrepreneurship, effective disaster management, and physical infrastructure development are other priorities of the party.

More, it proposes to develop Birgunj as an economic and trade hub of the entire Madhesh Province. (RSS)


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