Lunar Eclipse on Saturday

Nepal’s sky gazers and lunar enthusiasts are gearing up for a celestial spectacle this weekend, as the Nepal Calendar Determination Committee announces a partial lunar eclipse scheduled for this Saturday, October 28.

Theologian Prof Dr. Devmani Bhattarai, a renowned expert in ancient scriptures and celestial events, has provided key details about this upcoming lunar eclipse. The Sutak phase of the eclipse is set to begin at 1:19 PM on Saturday and conclude at 4:19 PM, providing ample opportunities for observers to witness this mesmerizing event. The calendar approved by the committee further specifies that the eclipse’s moksha phase will come to an end at 2:38 AM.

The ancient scriptures, which have guided lunar eclipse predictions for centuries, dictate that the Sutak phase for a lunar eclipse starts three prahar, equivalent to nine hours, before the actual eclipse event. This deep-rooted knowledge showcases the rich astronomical heritage of Nepal.

This lunar eclipse, as stated by the committee, will be the sole eclipse of the year 2080 BS, offering a unique and awe-inspiring celestial event for those who are interested in the wonders of the night sky. It’s an opportunity for people to come together and observe this rare event, appreciating the beauty and mysteries of the universe.

Last year, Nepal witnessed a solar eclipse on October 25 and a lunar eclipse on November 8. It’s worth noting that the solar eclipse occurred on Kartik Krishna Aunsi, which falls during the new moon, while the lunar eclipse took place on Kartik Shukla Purnima, which occurs during the full moon. These celestial occurrences hold significance in ancient traditions and are closely followed by enthusiasts and practitioners of Nepalese culture.

As the lunar eclipse approaches, skywatchers and enthusiasts are advised to prepare for the event and ensure they have the necessary equipment for a safe and enjoyable viewing experience. Gather your friends and family to witness this celestial wonder in the night sky of Nepal, as it promises to be a memorable event for all.


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