Major General Tara Dhwaj Pandey Set for Promotion to Lieutenant General

The Nepali Army (NA) headquarters has commenced the process of promoting Major General Tara Dhwaj Pandey to the esteemed rank of Lieutenant General, paving the way for potential future leadership within the military. The Promotion Committee of the Nepali Army has officially recommended Major General Pandey for this elevated position, as confirmed in a press note issued by Jyotindra Mahat, the Head of Military Secretary Department.

The promotion, if approved by the Cabinet on the recommendation of the Chief of Army Staff, would place Major General Tara Dhwaj Pandey in the running for the prestigious role of Commander-in-Chief, further underscoring the Nepali Army’s commitment to ensuring a seamless transition of leadership.

This momentous decision comes as the current Chief of Staff, Lieutenant General Saroj Pratap Rana, is set to retire on October 29, having taken leave starting from Sunday, 15 days prior to his retirement. Additionally, Lieutenant General Sitaram Khadka is expected to retire on December 19, and there are strong indications that Ashok Raj Sigdel may be promoted to fill this forthcoming vacancy.

The current Commander-in-Chief, whose term is set to conclude on September 9, 2024, has led the Nepali Army over the past three years. Major General Tara Dhwaj Pandey’s potential promotion positions him as a prominent contender for the role of the 45th Commander-in-Chief of the Nepali Army following the impending retirement of the incumbent.


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