Minister Shah emphasizes collaboration between parliament and govt for good-governance

Minister for Federal Affairs and General Administration Anita Devi Shah has pointed out the need for the parliamentary committees to try to include all parties and communities in accordance with the sentiments and spirit of the Constitution.

In the meeting of State Affairs and Good-Governance Committee under the House of Representatives here today, Minister Shah reiterated that it was necessary to collaborate between the parliament and government to maintain good-governance in the operation of the system of State by emulating good practices and experiences of law making in the past.

Committee’s newly elected President Ramhari Khatiwada argued that it was necessary for committee’s members to set an example by rising above the partisan interest, when it comes to curbing corruption and maintain good-governance.

He urged, “Let’s rise above ethnic community, religion and political parties and lets work for the greater good of the country and people. For that to happen, let’s create an enabling environment and follow good practices.”

Members partaking in the committee alerted about incidents occurred in some parts of the country that intended to jeopardize the communal amity and goodwill that have been existing in the Nepali society for centuries.

They spoke of the need for the parliamentary committees to take initiatives to end the situation where the country was drowning in the swamp of corruption and the parliamentarians becoming a mere onlooker.

They pressed for giving outlet to some pending bills related to civil service, police and education.

They viewed that the parliament should pay special attention to the aspects that have created obstacles in the development endeavors due to the ad-hoc decisions of those agencies responsible to ensure good-governance and rule of law.

The committee members extended their best wishes to the newly appointed Committee President, Ramhari Khatiwada, and wished for his successful tenure.


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