NA and US Army Pacific Wraps Up 6th Disaster Response Exercise

In a ceremony held in Chitwan, the sixth edition of the Disaster Response Exercise and Exchange (DREE), Unity of Effort, concluded today. The joint project between the Nepali Army and the United States Army Pacific (USARPAC) was led by Nepal Army Lieutenant General Sitaram Khadka.

During the closing ceremony, Lieutenant General Khadka expressed gratitude to the USARPAC for their cooperation in the training. He highlighted the valuable lessons learned by the Nepali Army from various natural disasters, emphasizing their incorporation to mitigate disasters in other countries.

Lieutenant General Khadka conveyed his belief that the exchange of concepts and experiences among participating countries, coupled with ongoing cooperation, will significantly contribute to handling future disasters. He emphasized that this collaboration will enhance the effectiveness of search, rescue, and relief operations.

The training exercise aimed to strengthen disaster response capacities by sharing experiences in the field of disaster management and humanitarian assistance. Major General Santosh Kumar Dhakal, the Director General of the Military Academy, initiated the exercise on the 20th of Kartik 2080.

Representatives from various ministries of the Government of Nepal, Nepal Army, Nepal Police, Armed Police Force of Nepal, and government and non-government agencies participated in the training exercise. Representatives from the UK, Canada, India, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Mongolia, and Cambodia were also actively involved.

Throughout the five-day training exercise, Expert Academic Discussions (EADs) and Table Top Exercise (TTX) sessions took place over three days in Kathmandu, followed by a two-day Field Training Exercise (FTX) in Chitwan district.

Dean R. Thompson, the American ambassador to Nepal, attended the closing program held today. The exercise aimed to foster international collaboration and enhance disaster response capabilities through shared experiences and coordinated efforts.


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