NA Celebrates Kukur Tihar (Photos)

In the vibrant celebration of Tihar, the second day of Yamapanchak took center stage as people across Nepal engaged in special rituals to honor their four-legged companions.

Traditionally known as Kukur Tihar, the day was marked by worshipping dogs and offering them delicious sweet treats. In households and communities, canines were adorned with garlands, vermilion, and tika, signifying the special bond between humans and dogs.

Adding a unique touch to the festivities, Nepal Army joined the celebration by organizing a special program at Sanu Thimi of Bhaktapur on Sunday. The event showcased the deep cultural connection between law enforcement and the community, fostering a sense of unity and joy.

As part of Kukur Tihar celebrations, army personnel engaged in various activities, demonstrating their affection for dogs and underlining the importance of these loyal companions in our lives. The event not only brought smiles to the faces of onlookers but also served as a reminder of the diverse and heartwarming traditions that make Tihar a truly special occasion in Nepal.



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