National Assembly Members Assert Independence, Call for Strengthening Democratic Principles

Members of the National Assembly (NA) voiced their perspectives during the commencement of the 15th session at the Federal Parliament Building in New Baneshwor today.

Advocating for unity among political parties to bolster the federal democratic republic system, Jaga Prasad Sharma emphasized the need for the state to address concerns regarding the existing governance structure. He stressed that the National Assembly should not be likened to the British House of Lords or a hereditary chamber but should be recognized as a permanent assembly envisioned by the constitution, elected by local and provincial representatives.

Similarly, NA Member Devendra Dahal criticized the surge in irregularities within the country, despite the government’s initiatives for good governance, social justice, and economic prosperity. He pointed out the government’s failure to take action against individuals involved in significant corruption and misappropriation scandals within cooperative organizations.

Echoing similar sentiments, NA Member Rameshjung Rayamajhi highlighted the opposition party’s role in fueling public frustration. He called for collective cooperation to ensure the success of the current government, emphasizing the importance of creating an environment conducive to job creation and self-employment to stem the brain drain from the country.

Drawing attention to the formulation of laws related to the implementation of the constitution, Jayanti Rai urged the government to take decisive action against individuals encroaching upon public land.

Mrigendra Kumar Singh Yadav stressed the urgency of concluding all bills related to transitional justice during the current session of the NA.

Tul Prasad Bishwakarma asserted that monarchy could not serve as an alternative to the current governance system. He urged the government to be more accountable in addressing the needs of the public.


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