Nepal Airlines’ Grounded Plane being sent to Israel for Engine Repairs

Nepal Airlines’ narrow-body aircraft, with registration number 9N AKX, which has been grounded for the past two months due to engine issues, is set to be transported to Israel this Sunday for essential repairs.

The Nepal Air Service Corporation (NAC) announced that the aircraft, which has remained out of operation since September 17th due to engine problems, will depart for Israel today under a leasing agreement for engine repairs. It is scheduled to return to Nepal on September 22nd following the repairs, facilitated through an agreement with Israel Aerospace Industries.

The NAC has been grappling with recurring technical problems with its fleet, resulting in substantial financial losses due to grounded planes. In the past 20 months, two of the corporation’s narrow-body planes have been out of service for a combined total of 222 days.

According to sources within the NAC, the corporation has spent 1.5 billion Nepalese rupees on repairing these planes, with an additional loss of 2.5 billion Nepalese rupees incurred due to flight disruptions.


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