Nepal Students Union Calls for Home Minister’s Resignation

The Nepal Students Union (NSU) has called for the resignation of the Home Minister in response to a recent knife attack on Nepali Congress (NC) Joint General Secretary Mahendra Yadav in Kathmandu.

The NSU expressed deep concern over the incident, which occurred when Yadav was leaving the Reporters’ Club after delivering a speech. A man identified as Shyam Sapkota from Nuwakot attacked Yadav with a sharp knife. Fortunately, the police reported that Yadav is now out of danger and receiving medical attention.

NSU President Dujang Sherpa conveyed their dissatisfaction with the Home Minister’s handling of the situation, stating, “This incident has demonstrated that the home minister, who is responsible for safeguarding the lives and safety of civilians and maintaining peace and security in the country, has utterly failed. We demand the resignation of the home minister, who cannot protect a prominent figure like a former minister in a public place in the capital.”


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