Nepali Army Accepts Major General Pandey’s Resignation

The Nepali Army has officially accepted the resignation of Major General Taradhwoj Pandey, a decision made in the wake of an investigation into discrepancies surrounding his date of birth.

Major General Pandey submitted his resignation on Thursday evening, prompting swift action from the military authorities. The decision to accept his resignation was communicated on Friday by the Nepali Army.

The controversy surrounding Pandey’s age emerged as he stood on the brink of a promotion to the rank of Lieutenant General. Questions were raised about the accuracy of his age, prompting a formal complaint and subsequent investigation by Army Headquarters.

Accusations of age manipulation surfaced last week, leading to doubts about Pandey’s eligibility for promotion to the crucial role of Chief of Army Staff. The recommendation for his promotion came following the retirement of the current Chief, Prabhuram Sharma.


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