Nepali Congress and RSP MPs Demand Completion of Kalanki-Chabahil Road Section

Members of Parliament from the main opposition party Nepali Congress and the ruling Rastriya Swatantra Party (RSP) have registered a resolution of urgent public importance, urging the immediate completion of the Kalanki-Chabahil road section of the ring road. This resolution comes in response to China’s perceived negligence in the construction project.

MPs representing Kathmandu in the House of Representatives submitted the resolution to the Secretary General of the Federal Parliament, Padma Prasad Pandey, on Wednesday. The resolution emphasizes the need to address the delays and uncertainties surrounding the road’s expansion, initially agreed upon by the governments of Nepal and China.

Key Points of the Resolution

The resolution outlines several critical reasons for the urgent need to resume and complete the road construction:

  1. Agreement Adherence: Ensuring the extension of the ring road in accordance with the original agreement between Nepal and China.
  2. Environmental Concerns: Reducing environmental pollution caused by chaotic roads and surrounding areas.
  3. Traffic Management: Improving the movement of vehicles and overall traffic management.
  4. Public Health and Safety: Guaranteeing the right of citizens to live in a clean environment.
  5. Urban Aesthetics: Restoring the urban beauty of the region.

“We present this resolution to address the need for the Ring Road Kalanki Dhobikhola-Chabahil expansion work to be resumed without delay and completed as soon as possible,” stated the resolution.

Proponents and Supporters

The resolution is backed by prominent figures from both parties. Proponents and supporters from the Nepali Congress include MPs Pradeep Paudel, Gagan Thapa, Pratima Gautam, Santosh Chalise, Rajendra Kumar KC, Sapnaraj Bhandari, and Ambika Basnet. From the RSP, MPs Shishir Khanal, Ganesh Parajuli, and Sobita Gautam have also voiced their support.


The construction of the Kalanki-Chabahil road section is part of a larger ring road project intended to improve Kathmandu’s infrastructure and urban planning. However, delays and issues in execution have led to increased public frustration and calls for accountability. The agreement with China was expected to facilitate a smoother and faster completion, but the recent setbacks have highlighted significant challenges in bilateral cooperation and project management.

Moving Forward

The resolution’s registration marks a critical step in pressuring the government and relevant authorities to prioritize the project. It also underscores the need for better international cooperation and adherence to agreements to ensure timely completion of essential infrastructure projects. The MPs hope that this resolution will expedite the necessary actions to bring the project to fruition, benefiting the residents of Kathmandu and enhancing the city’s overall infrastructure.


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