Nepali Workers Reside in Caves, Undertake Labor in Taklakot, China

Taklakot, China, November 13: In Taklakot, China, a considerable number of Nepali workers have resorted to living in caves while engaging in labor on various construction projects. The harsh winter conditions prompt these workers to seek shelter in caves during the night, as the cost of rented accommodations proves to be prohibitively expensive.

Balram Budhathoki, a resident of Sarkegad Rural Municipality-5, shared the challenges faced by workers due to the exorbitant room rents in the market. “If your secure employment, the daily earning can amount to 200 Chinese yuan. However, the high cost of room rent, and necessities compels us to spend the nights in caves,” expressed Budhathoki.

Rup Bahadur Budhathoki, another worker, expressed the discomfort of the cold environment inside the caves. He lamented, “Renting a room in the market costs 8,000 per month. That’s why we choose to live in caves while contributing to the construction of houses for the Chinese residents in Taklakot.”

The workers pointed out that individuals with specific skills find it relatively easier to secure jobs, while those lacking skills face difficulties in finding employment opportunities. Approximately two to three hundred Nepalese laborers are currently involved in various construction projects in Taklakot, China, Nayapatrika Daily Reported.


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