Nepal’s Foreign Minister Engages in High-Level Meetings During US Visit

Foreign Minister Narayan Prakash (NP) Saud, currently on an official visit to the United States, has been engaged in a series of high-level meetings. According to the Nepali Embassy in the US, he recently met with USAID Chief Administrator Samantha Power and US Development Finance Corporation Chief Executive Officer Scott Nathan.

During the meeting with Nathan, held on Tuesday, discussions revolved around the corporation’s potential investments in Nepal. Minister Saud emphasized the strategies adopted by the Nepalese government to promote private sector investments within the country. He also urged the American private sector to consider increasing their investments through the corporation.

Nathan, the CEO of Development Finance Corporation, shared his insights regarding the corporation’s vision for investment growth and highlighted potential areas for Nepal’s economic development.

Furthermore, in his meeting with USAID Administrator Power, Minister Saud gained insights into the existing aid and assistance provided to Nepal. The discussions focused on enhancing the effectiveness of this cooperation to further Nepal’s development priorities.

The US Development Finance Corporation, a government entity, has made substantial investments of $36.45 billion in 110 countries. Additionally, the corporation has been actively utilizing financial instruments to facilitate private sector development through capital investment.


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