‘Nijgadh International Airport Construction process to be forwarded’

The government is to move ahead with construction of the proposed Nijgadh International Airport. The airport is a national pride project of the government.

The policy and programmes of the government for coming fiscal year presented by President Ramchandra Paudel in today’s joint meeting of the federal parliament announced to forward the construction process of the Nijgadh airport. The government has put construction of Nijgadh airport in priority.

The government has set a plan to construct the Nijgadh airport in around 1,900 hectares of area. The first-phase of the construction of Nijgadh airport is estimated to cost Rs 120 billion.

Similarly, the policy and programmes also reads that construction of provincial airport would be forwarded after carrying out study. Safety standard would be strictly implemented to make aviation service safe and terminal buildings of domestic and international airports would be upgraded.


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