NRB Introduces “Medallion Coin” Featuring National Animal, the Cow

The Nepal Rastra Bank’s Mint Division has unveiled a stunning new addition to their collection – the “Medallion Coin.” This exquisite silver coin proudly showcases the national animal of Nepal, the revered cow.

Priced at just Rs 4000, this beautifully crafted coin is now available for purchase, allowing citizens to own a piece of their country’s rich heritage. The official unveiling of the Medallion Coin took place in a brief and dignified ceremony at the Mint Division of Nepal Rastra Bank, located in Babarmahal.

During the unveiling ceremony, Governor Maha Prasad Adhikari expressed his pride in introducing this remarkable coin to the public. The coin comes in two variations, with options for collectors and enthusiasts alike – a 10-gram version and a more substantial 25-gram version.


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