Oli Commits to 20 More Years in Politics

In a recent interaction with students held in Balkot, Bhaktapur, CPN-UML Chairman KP Oli made a significant announcement regarding his future in politics. Oli, a prominent figure in Nepali politics, pledged to remain actively involved in politics for the next 20 years but clarified that his intention was not to personally lead the country and the party for the entire duration.

During the session, when questioned about his plans, Oli stated, “I have contemplated staying politically active for another 20 years. However, this does not imply that I will hold the reins of the country and the party for the full 20 years. Instead, I will contribute to those in leadership positions by actively participating in politics.”

Oli emphasized his determination to break the prevailing trend of individuals clinging to power until their last days, regardless of their health conditions. He expressed his commitment to disrupt this trend and facilitate a smoother leadership transition within the party.

Addressing concerns about his health, Oli revealed that he had undergone multiple surgeries and two kidney transplants in the past. However, he assured everyone that his transplanted kidney was functioning optimally, and he was currently in good health. He stated, “I’ve had to undergo several operations, including two kidney transplants. Fortunately, my transplanted kidney is functioning very well, and I have no health issues at present.”


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