Only free and fair media bolsters democracy: President Paudel

President Ramchandra Paudel has said only free, fair and independent media can bolster democracy.

During a programme organized on the occasion of the 54th anniversary of Press Council Nepal here today, President Paudel reminded that his vibrant time was spent in detention and jail facing torture in course of the struggle for the achievement of democracy where, he argued, freedom of expression and press could be ensured. He also shared his stand for fair, independent and dignified journalism.

“The institution as Press Council Nepal is monitoring the code of conduct so that free press would be utilized and entire journalism get credibility,” President Paudel said, urging Press Council to play fair role.

Moreover, the President expressed that stakeholders had shown concern over the uncertainty created by the spread of misleading content with rapid development of social networks. Time has come for press to foil dissemination of misleading information.

The Head of the State extended best wishes to Press Council for its success to award those performing excellent in journalism and inspire others for improvement. He expressed happiness over Press Council’s work on making journalism dignified and credible.

“Journalism is regarded as the fourth estate in democracy. The state of journalism reflects how robust the democracy is,” he observed.


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