PM’s Trip Abroad Had ‘No Benefit’ Except for Daughter’s Introduction: MP Singh

A member of the House of Representatives, Amresh Kumar Singh, commented that the Prime Minister’s foreign visit yielded no notable achievements apart from introducing his daughter.

Speaking briefly to the media after the House of Representatives meeting on Sunday, Singh expressed his view that the Prime Minister’s visit did not bring any substantial benefits to the country, except for the opportunity to introduce his daughter.

Singh emphasized that leaders of countries worldwide do not typically spend extended periods abroad, and the Prime Minister’s lengthy stay overseas implied a lack of engagement with Nepal’s domestic affairs.

He further stated, “If the Prime Minister had a busy schedule, a shorter visit of one or two days would suffice. Does any head of government in the world spend 10 days, or even 7 days, in another country? It raises questions about the Prime Minister’s involvement in Nepal’s matters. If he was on a religious pilgrimage, many Nepalese citizens undertake such journeys without needing the Prime Minister’s presence. Therefore, apart from introducing his daughter, what concrete benefits did the visit yield?”


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