President Paudel to Receive Bhai Tika from Sisters Sharada and Chanda

President Ramchandra Paudel is set to receive the auspicious Bhai Tika from his sisters Sharada Pandit and Chanda Ojha. The ceremony is scheduled to take place at 10:51 am on Wednesday, marking the propitious time for the ritual.

As per the Secretariat of the President, President Paudel will be adorned with the traditional tika and bestowed with blessings by his sisters during the ceremony. The event holds cultural significance, symbolizing the bond between brothers and sisters.

The Nepal Calendar Determination Committee has identified 10:51 am on Wednesday as the most favorable time for Bhaitika, although Tika can be administered throughout the day.

The festive week commenced with Kaag Tihar on Saturday, followed by the celebrations of Dog Tihar and Lakshmi Puja on Sunday. Gai Puja was joyously observed on Monday, while today (Tuesday) marks the observance of Govardhan Puja/Mah Puja.

The nation joins in the spirit of these festivities, embracing the rich cultural traditions that define the essence of Tihar.


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