President to RSP: Direct Approach to Presidency Unnecessary, Parliament Key to Law Changes

In response, President Paudel emphasized the importance of adhering to parliamentary processes and urged the party leaders to engage in parliamentary accountability.

RSP President Rabi Lamichhane and other party leaders submitted their letter to President Paudel, seeking his attention to the issue of clemency granted to Dhakal and calling for adherence to the law. President Paudel clarified his stance, stating that he cannot reject government decisions made through due processes and Cabinet decisions as mandated by the Constitution.

President Paudel highlighted the principles of parliamentary democracy, explaining that the government must face both praise and criticism for its Cabinet decisions. He encouraged RSP leaders to hold the government accountable within the parliamentary system, emphasizing their role as elected representatives.

He questioned the necessity of their direct approach to the presidency, stating, “I don’t think that you don’t understand our Constitution, and republican and parliamentary system. You all are in the House, the government is also in the House. Why could you not hold the prime minister and the home minister accountable there, and directly came here? I feel this is not in accordance with the Constitution and process. The leaders may at times have to come here, but I feel it was not necessary this time.”

President Paudel reiterated that he granted clemency to 670 convicts based on the government’s completion of due procedures. He reminded RSP leaders that the parliament has the authority to formulate and amend laws if they believe the existing laws are inadequate or unjust.


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