Prime Minister and Ministers to donate a month’s salary to earthquake victims

In a display of solidarity with the victims of the recent devastating earthquake in Jajarkot, the government has taken a significant step to support those affected. During a cabinet meeting held on Thursday morning, it was unanimously decided that all ministers, including the Prime Minister, will donate their entire month’s salary to assist the earthquake victims.

Rekha Sharma, the government’s spokesperson and Minister for Communication and Information Technology, made the announcement following the cabinet meeting. She stated that this generous gesture reflects the government’s commitment to stand with the people in times of crisis and help them rebuild their lives.

The earthquake, which struck Jajarkot and surrounding areas, has caused extensive damage, leaving many families in dire need of assistance. The government’s decision to contribute a month’s salary from its top officials serves as a beacon of hope for the affected communities and showcases the nation’s unity and compassion during this challenging time.


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