Purchase readiness of public bodies to be measured

The Public Procurement Monitoring Office has started initiatives for enhancing the enforcement of the public purchase laws and the purchase readiness of public entities.

Office Secretary Dr Damodar Regmi said bringing effectiveness in the public procurement process would make the budget implementation efficient, increase the capital expenditure and the big projects would be completed on stipulated time.

“For this to happen, all the public entities should prepare practical purchase plans and show the purchase readiness accordingly. The Office will take further initiatives to stop the tendency of not preparing the purchase plan and showing purchase readiness pursuant to that,” he said.

According to him, all the public bodies are mandatorily required to prepare the purchase plan and enter that into the electronic purchase system as well as pursue the purchase process in accordance with that action plan.

The Office will now carry out the monitoring of all these requirements through the electronic purchase system.

Arrangement has been made for also taking report from the chief of the purchasing unit and the office chief on a regular basis.
Secretary Regmi also said that the purchase readiness of the public entity would be measured, and an inter-agency coordination would have to be established on the topic of formation of the purchase unit, preparation of the purchase plan and whether or not works have been carried out on time as per the plan and whether or not decisions have been made on time.

The Office shall also emphasize on sustainable or green purchase as well, added Dr Regmi.


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