Regal Arrested Immediately Following SC’s Ruling

Yograj Dhakal “Regal” has been arrested by the police in Nepalgunj following a momentous ruling by the Supreme Court. The arrest came immediately after the Supreme Court overturned his previously granted amnesty, which had secured his release.

Chief Superintendent of Police Subash Chandra Bohara, of the District Police Office Banke, confirmed Regal’s apprehension. The Supreme Court’s ruling, delivered on Thursday, marked a significant legal development in the ongoing case.

Regal, who was serving a life sentence for a murder conviction, had his fate dramatically altered by the Supreme Court’s decision. The court bench, comprising Acting Chief Justice Ishwor Prasad Khatiwada, Justice Sapana Pradhan Malla, and Justice Kumar Chudal, arrived at this ruling after a rigorous two-day hearing that weighed the arguments presented by both parties.

This unprecedented turn of events not only nullified the President’s previous decision to grant Yograj Dhakal amnesty but also led to his immediate arrest. The Supreme Court’s full bench meticulously deliberated the matter throughout Tuesday and Wednesday, underscoring the significance of this landmark decision.


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