Rescued Nepalis delighted to be back home

Nepali people, who have safely returned home from conflict-torn Israel, are a happy lot as they feel that they have got a new lease on life.

The Nepali people entrapped in the war between Israel and Palestine are being rescued and brought home safely.

Sarita Gurung of Tokha-8 in Kathmandu expressed her happiness for having been rescued and brought home safely. She had been living in Israel for the past 14 years.

“I had never experienced such turbulence as now. A small scale of war would repeatedly take place in the past. I was scared following the incident. We could not feel safe there. So, I returned home. I am happy to reach home,” she shared.

Of the rescued Nepalis from Israel, six are from Gaddachauki on the western border with India excluding Gurung. Of the total 18 Nepalis rescued by the government in the second phase, six have reached Mahendranagar today morning through the Gaddachauki transit, said Superintendent of Police at the district police office, Kanchanpur, Kamal Thapa. They reached Nepal through India. Efforts are underway to transport Nepali citizens to Kathmandu by air, he said.

According to him, transport has been managed for them to reach their destination. “Of the total 18 rescued, some have gone to their home. Some others have reunited with their family members in India. Seven have reached Mahendranagar by transport. We are making necessary arrangements for transporting them home,” he said.

The Government of India rescued and brought its citizens entrapped in war-torn Israel along with the 18 Nepali people to India, he said. Ten Nepalis have lost their lives in attacks launched by Hamas on October 7.

In the first phase, the Government of Nepal rescued and brought 254 Nepali people entrapped in the war between Israel and Palestine on aircraft of the Nepal Airlines Corporation, the flag carrier of the country.


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