RONB: The Controversial Closure

For millions of Nepalis, Routine of Nepal Banda (RONB) was that source, offering a unique blend of news and entertainment. But, a recent turn of events has left everyone wondering: Why did RONB go dark?

For those unacquainted with RONB, it was more than just a social media page. It was a digital community that transcended age and backgrounds. RONB provided bite-sized, yet impactful updates on current events, making it a go-to platform for those who preferred quick, accessible information over lengthy articles or newspaper reads.

The recent closure of RONB’s Facebook, Twitter (now known as X), and Instagram pages raises many questions. Was it because of a controversial incident involving Kathmandu Metropolitan City Mayor Balendra Shah? It all started when Mayor Shah’s Facebook post, where he made a sensational threat to set Singha Durbar ablaze, went viral. This happened shortly after his wife, Sabeena Kafle, was stopped by traffic police for regular checking. The post divided public opinion, with some supporting his statement and others vehemently criticizing it.

In the midst of this, RONB added a twist to the story by announcing the birth of Mayor Shah’s daughter. However, it was initially unclear that this event had occurred a few days prior. This raised eyebrows and led to accusations that RONB was trying to protect Mayor Shah from criticism and manipulate public sentiment.

Critics argued that RONB had a history of supporting Mayor Shah, even during his mayoral campaign and after his election. They pointed out that the page rarely reported on his controversies or criticisms of the judiciary. This led some to label RONB as a propaganda machine for Mayor Shah.

The close friendship between RONB owner Victor Paudel and Mayor Shah further fueled suspicions of bias. Paudel was accused of promoting KMC’s activities relentlessly, adding to the perception that RONB had an agenda.

So, why did RONB decide to shut down its pages? Sources suggest that mounting accusations of bias and a failure to withstand criticism against Mayor Shah were key factors. In a closing statement, Victor Paudel seemed to shrug off the controversy, stating, “I didn’t open it out of selfishness, so it doesn’t matter. We will see the rest later!! Now I am free, leave me alone.”

Before shutting down the page, Paudel had hinted at taking a bold decision. The abrupt closure of the Facebook and Instagram pages left followers in shock.

The big question now is whether this closure is temporary or permanent. Only time will provide the answer. However, the public’s reaction underscores the profound impact RONB had on the lives of Nepalis, both at home and abroad. It serves as a reminder of the power of digital communities and the responsibility they bear in shaping public opinion.


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