Singer Nishan Bhattarai and Model Richa Neupane Reportedly Divorce

Popular Nepali singer Nishan Bhattarai and model Richa Neupane have officially ended their marriage. The couple decided to part ways mutually due to recent strains in their relationship.

The news of their divorce has been circulating in the Nepali entertainment scene, leaving many surprised. Despite the exact reasons for their separation remaining undisclosed, reports suggest that both parties have reached an amicable agreement to move forward separately.

Nishan Bhattarai, who rose to fame as the first runner-up of Nepal Idol’s first season, has become a well-known singer in recent years. Richa Neupane, on the other hand, is involved in the modeling profession. The couple had tied the knot through a court marriage in the year 2077, turning their two-year love affair into a legal marriage.


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