Rural Resilience: Wooden Bridge Solution in Taplejung

In a commendable effort to improve transportation for remote communities, a wooden bridge has been constructed across the Tamor River in Phaktanglung Rural Municipality, Taplejung. This achievement comes in response to budget limitations that prevented the construction of a concrete bridge.

The rural municipality has taken the initiative to construct two wooden bridges over the Tamor River, ensuring vital connectivity for the local population. Phaktanglung’s challenging geography had long posed a transportation hurdle as the village is divided by the Tamor River, necessitating river crossings to access essential services and travel between the two sides.

Now, with the addition of these wooden motorable bridges, the vast majority of wards are connected by a road network, greatly improving the accessibility of the area. These bridges serve as temporary solutions to address the hardships faced by residents due to the absence of motorable bridges.


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