Solidarity March in Kathmandu Against Cow Slaughter

A peaceful solidarity march took place in Kathmandu from Maitighar Mandala to New Baneshwar on Saturday, organized by Vaidik Sanatan Dharmik Mahasangh. The march aimed to protest against cow slaughter and voiced concerns about protecting religion and culture in Nepal.

Participants in the march passionately raised slogans demanding government action against cow slaughter and urged authorities to prohibit proselytization in the country. They expressed their growing concerns over the increasing activities against their religion and culture in Nepal, prompting the need for such demonstrations.

Carrying the national flag, participants emphasized their desire for Nepal to be declared a Hindu state, highlighting the significance of preserving their heritage and traditions. The peaceful gathering aimed to draw attention to these important issues and advocate for the protection of their beliefs and values.

The solidarity march underscored the unity of those who share these concerns and their determination to safeguard their religious and cultural heritage in Nepal.


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