Speech-Impaired Man Admits to Murdering Four in Gairigaun

A 22-year-old speech-impaired individual has confessed to the murder of four people in Gairigaun, Kathmandu. The heinous incident occurred late Friday night, and police swiftly apprehended the suspect based on CCTV footage.

During questioning, the accused, unable to speak, communicated his guilt in writing, stating, “I killed four people.” A source at the Kathmandu Valley Police Office confirmed this revelation. The suspect further explained that he murdered Nabin Rai due to a personal dispute and took the lives of the other three victims because they were witnesses to the initial crime. The murder weapon, a knife, was also recovered by the police.

The victims, including three members of the same family, were found brutally slain at Divya Saw Mill in Gairigaun during the midnight hours on Friday. The deceased have been identified as Kumar Bhujel, who worked as a security guard at the sawmill, his wife Ambika, his mother Sumitra, and Nabin Rai, a 19-year-old from Morang.

Police investigations have revealed that the victims suffered severe cuts on their bodies inflicted by a sharp-edged weapon. Initially, Dipendra Rai, a relative of one of the deceased individuals, Nabin Rai, was taken into custody for questioning. However, authorities have since ruled out Dipendra’s involvement in the crime.


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