Tihar Sees Dip in Crimes, Surge in Road Accidents Worrisome

In a recent statement, the Nepal Police revealed that the country experienced a relatively peaceful Tihar festival, with a decrease in overall criminal incidents. Central Police Spokesperson, DIG Kuber Kadayat, stated that while there were sporadic incidents, the occurrence of major gang fights was notably absent compared to previous years.

According to Kadayat, the police are currently in the process of collecting data from across the country to provide a comprehensive overview of the Tihar events. However, preliminary reports indicate a decline in criminal activities, except for a slight increase in road accidents.

“We are pleased to report that, overall, criminal incidents during Tihar have been within acceptable limits. There have been fewer major disruptions, and the general security situation has been satisfactory,” stated Spokesperson Kadayat.

Despite the positive trend in criminal incidents, Kadayat expressed concerns about the rise in road accidents during the festival. While exact data on road accidents is yet to be released, the police estimate an increase in such incidents. The spokesperson urged the public to exercise caution and adhere to traffic rules to ensure safety on the roads.

Additionally, Kadayat noted that some significant fire incidents occurred during Diwali celebrations. The authorities are closely monitoring the situation and will release detailed information on these incidents in the coming days.

Moreover, the police reported a higher number of arrests related to gambling activities during this year’s Tihar compared to previous years. This highlights ongoing efforts to address illegal activities and maintain public order during festive periods.

As the data collection process continues, the Nepal Police anticipate providing a more detailed and accurate account of the Tihar events within the next day or two.


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