Tika, Tradition, and Togetherness: Dashain’s Call

In Nepal’s heart, where mountains rise so high,
Dashain approaches, painting the sky.
A festival of joy, tradition, and grace,
Let’s celebrate together, in this sacred space.

As tika is applied, with blessings so profound,
Crimson and gold, our heads are crowned.
Family gathers, love and laughter in the air,
Dashain, a time when we all show we care.

The khukuri gleams, a symbol of might,
A warrior’s spirit, shining so bright.
In unity we stand, like the Himalayan peaks,
Strong and resilient, for the future we seek.

From elders to young, the circle complete,
In our hearts, this festival’s beat.
So let the world know, as Dashain is here,
A time of togetherness, love, and cheer.


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