Top 10 Countries With Largest Gold Reserves

Gold reserves play a vital role and emerged as a key asset for any nation as they come to the rescue when the country witnesses a financial crisis. Central banks of a country usually hold gold in the form of gold reserves. Gold reserves have been offering incredible stability as they remain unaffected by economic downturns or political deviations.

Why do countries try to maintain high gold reserves?

The fact is that gold has emerged as one of the safest investment alternatives and remains unaffected by economic and political changes and this is the reason why nations globally try to maintain high gold reserves. Other factors include gold has worldwide acceptance, use as an insurance cover against economic downturns, and popularity, among others.

Below is the list of countries that has the maximum gold in the entire world.

1. USA
The top spot is captured by the United States of America. It holds the world’s highest gold reserves with 8133.47 metric tonnes of gold.


2. Germany
After the USA, the second spot is grabbed by Germany. It is holding 3,355.14 metric tonnes of gold.

3. Italy
The country has amassed gold reserves of nearly 2,451.84 metric tonnes.

4. France
It has taken the fourth spot when it comes to holding the largest gold reserves at a global level. It has saved 2,436.50 metric tonnes of gold.

5. Russia
The country’s gold reserves are estimated to be 2298.53 metric tonnes of gold according to data available.

6. China
Our neighbor China figures at the 6th spot in the list. The country has 1948.39 metric tonnes of gold in its reserves.

7. Switzerland
One of the most beautiful places on the earth takes pride in the fact that its name is figured in the list of nations with the top 10 largest reserves. It has 1040 metric tonnes of gold available in its reserves.

8. Japan
The country has 845.87 metric tonnes of gold in its reserves.

9. India
Our neighbor India has managed to amass 768.80 metric tonnes of gold in its reserves.


10. Netherland
The country has approximately 612.45 metric tonnes of gold in its reserves.



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