Tourism in Nepal Rebounds, October Sees 6% Growth Over 2019

Nepal’s tourism industry is making a strong comeback, with October showing promising numbers. According to the Nepal Tourism Board, 117,366 tourists visited Nepal during the month, marking a 6 percent increase compared to 2019, the year before the COVID-19 pandemic.

In October, the highest number of tourists arrived from India, with 18,480 visitors, followed by 14,879 from the United States, 8,217 from Britain, 6,880 from China, 6,750 from Australia, 5,916 from Germany, 5,271 from France, 4,292 from Bangladesh, and 2,507 from Sri Lanka. Italy also contributed 2,467 tourists to the total.

For the first ten months of the year (January to October), Nepal welcomed a total of 809,678 tourists, signaling a promising recovery for the country’s tourism sector.


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