Tourism minister Kirati calls for amending tourism related acts

Minister for Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation, Sudan Kirati, has stressed the need for immediately amending old acts related to tourism.

Speaking at an event organised here today on the 50th anniversary of the Nepal Mountaineering Association, the minister called for improving treatment for foreign tourists along with the amendment of old tourism-related acts.

“We have old acts. Acts should be amended with time. I received a phone call from Jogbani in India today itself. A tourist has to book a five-star hotel apartment for Rs 25,000. But, they have complained that there is a provision that prevents them from carrying money with them not exceeding INR 25,000.”

There would be a negative message if foreign tourists are charged double air fare. He stressed the need for the government, non-governmental organisations and the private sector to be serious on such issues.

Drawing the attention of the concerned authorities to the impacts of climate change, he mentioned that there are some prohibitory areas in some places that causes inconvenience to tourists.


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