Ukrainian Army Reveals 5 Nepali War Prisoners Amidst Conflict with Russia

The Ukrainian Army has disclosed the identities of 10 foreign nationals, including five Nepali citizens, who have been captured as prisoners of war (PoW) during the ongoing conflict with Russia.

Among those made public by the Ukrainian Army on Friday are Prateek Pun from Rolpa, who was residing in Bijauri, Dang, alongside Bibek Khatri from Rajapur Municipality-1, Bardiya, Siddhartha Dhakal from Mandandeupur Municipality-6, Kavre, Bikash Rai from Letang-2, Morang, Sujan Subedi from Khairahani, Chitwan, and Ishwar Lamichhane from Gorkha.

The families of the captured Nepali citizens, particularly that of Prateek Pun, have swiftly sought assistance from the Department of Consular Services to officially recognize their status as prisoners of war. Urgent appeals have been made to the Consular Department to facilitate the repatriation of these individuals held captive by the Ukrainian Army.

Reports from international news agencies confirm that alongside the Nepali detainees, there are three individuals from Cuba, and one each from Somalia and Sierra Leone who have also been revealed by the Ukrainian Army.

The Ukrainian government has issued a stern call to the concerned nations, urging them to prevent their citizens from participating in any capacity within the Russian Army, especially in conflicts against Ukraine. This disclosure of prisoners of war is intended to serve as a stark message, emphasizing the need for third-party countries to refrain from involvement in the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

The plight of these Nepali citizens, along with others captured, underscores the broader international ramifications of the conflict and the urgency for diplomatic efforts to ensure their safe return home.


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