US Indo-Pacific Commander Observes Military Exercise in Kathmandu

Admiral John C. Aquilino, the esteemed leader of the US Army’s Indo-Pacific Command, has touched down in Kathmandu, marking a significant visit to the region.

Accompanied by his spouse, General John C. Aquilino arrived at Tribhuvan International Airport aboard an Air Force aircraft at 6 pm on Saturday. The purpose of his visit is to oversee the ongoing fourth edition of ‘Exercise Shanti Prayas,’ which commenced earlier this week in Panchkhal.

Exercise Shanti Prayas, a multinational military drill involving the participation of around one and a half dozen countries, including Nepal and the United States, is a crucial endeavor conducted in collaboration with the Global Peace Operation Initiative. Scheduled to continue until March 4, the exercise aims to enhance cooperation and readiness among participating armed forces.

The US Air Force aircraft, bearing call sign SPAR 13, brought a team comprising 18 military personnel and four crew members to Kathmandu. Notable members of the delegation include Mrs. Laura Aquilino, Captain Melvin Smith, Lt. Col. Norm Renfro, Rich Berry, Jason Mobley, Carl Garman, Andrew Friel, and Dr. Oliver Lee, among others.

Admiral Aquilino’s itinerary is packed with high-level meetings during his stay, with plans to depart on Monday.

Admiral Aquilino’s visit underscores the deepening ties and cooperation between the United States and Nepal in matters of defense and security, reaffirming the commitment to regional stability and peace.


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