US lawmaker Bhojani Pledges Support for Nepal’s Tourism Promotion

Lawmaker of Texas State, US, Salman Bhojani, has shown keen interest in promoting tourism in Nepal.

Stating that he developed deep love towards Nepal and Nepali people, he would assist actively for promotion of tourism and Nepali community.

In his first ever visit to Nepal, Bhojani said, “I’m overwhelmed with unbound happiness.”

At an interaction before heading to Mt Everest base camp on Saturday, he said, “I’ve arrived here today all because of the assistance of Nepalis living in the US. My love and good will continues in Nepal.”

He is the first Muslim lawmaker with Pakistani origin in Texas State, USA. He is popular among Nepali community there. Bhojani reminded that he had visited Nepali community wearing a dhaka cap and daura suruwal while requesting to vote during the election.

“Nepali community is thriving in Texas, USA. I had communicated in Nepali language during the election campaign,” he shared, adding that Nepal is rich in natural beauty and culture, which he believed would contribute to tourism and economic prosperity.

According to him, tourism can be a significant medium to prop up the economy. Nepal houses the Sagarmatha, Pashupatinath, Lumbini and other historic places. They are related to Nepal’s prestige and glory.

Bhojani’s life struggle and success is inspiring for others. The person who worked at a gas station in 2003 is now a Texas lawmaker and an attorney. He continued his study despite struggle.

He vowed to continue visiting Nepal along with family for the promotion of tourism and assisting for sustainable peace and development.

In Texas, he is very familiar with Nepali community. He played a role in observing Nepal Day in his State. Similarly, his leading role to recognize Nepalis’ festivals as Dashain, Tihar and Teej for public holidays in Texas is equally unforgettable. Moreover, he is actively involved in solving problems such as citizenship and employment for Nepalis.

Bhojani is a successful business icon as well.


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