Use of plastic bottle and khada banned in Ajirkot

The use of plastic-made materials and khada (a thin cloth used for greeting people) has been prohibited at public programmes in Ajirkot rural municipality of Gorkha.

Ajirkot rural municipality chairperson Deepak Devkota informed that the use of thin clothes imported from outside, plastic bottles and plastic-made materials has been banned at public programmes within the palika.

“The rural municipality has taken the decision to check the import of goods from outside and promote the locally-produced flowers in greetings programmes”, he said, adding, “From now onward, the locally-produced flowers and flower-made goods will be used in place of khada at public programmes”.

With the rise in the unnecessary use of khada, the locally-produced flowers are not getting market space, he added.

The decision was taken as per the rural municipality’s policy and plan to promote local production, he further shared.


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