Vice President Yadav lays emphasis on efforts for child rights protection

Vice President Ram Sahaya Prasad Yadav has laid emphasis on mandatory formulating and enforcing education, health, sports, entertainment and personality development plans of children as per the arrangements specified in the Constitution.

In a message delivered today on the occasion of National Children’s Day, 2080, he said the local level child clubs and adolescent groups should lay emphasis on creative and personality development works.

Stressing the need to run technical education and skill enhancing training for children, he said the society should strictly prohibit child labour, unauthorized recommendations for child home, child violence and misbehave as well as protection of child marriage.

He also stressed the urgency of instituting children funds at all local levels and deliver socialization services, emergency relief for at-risk children and health treatment aid service.

“As the people’s representatives have crucial role for the protection and promotion of child rights, the child-friendly programme operation is a must. The role of health workers is equally important for the management of child protection cases”, he added.


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