Arju Rana’s ‘Gulabi Sharara’ Dance Breaks the Internet! [Video]

Arju Rana Deuba, a central member of the Nepali Congress and spouse to former Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba, has become a social media sensation.

A video capturing her dance moves at her son Jaiveer Singh Deuba’s pre-wedding celebration has gone viral, especially her lively performance to the popular Indian song ‘Gulabi Sharara.’

The video, shot during a gathering at Solti Hotel, showcases Arju’s enthusiasm as she dances with flair, including the traditional thumka, delighting attendees and viewers alike. Social media platforms have been buzzing with shares of the video, with users praising Arju’s dance skills and expressing admiration for her joyful spirit.

The wedding ceremony took place on Sunday, where Jaiveer tied the knot with cover singer Shivana Shrestha. Arju’s dance video has not only added a memorable touch to the pre-wedding festivities but has also resonated widely across Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, solidifying her presence in the public eye.

The positive reactions pouring in reflect the widespread support for Arju’s right to enjoy her private life and showcase her artistic side. The viral video has become a celebratory moment on social media, celebrating both the family’s joyous occasion and Arju Rana Deuba’s vibrant personality.

Watch Deuba’s Dance:




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