Bipin’s Parents Meets Foreign Minister, Calls for Vigorous Search Operation

In a heartfelt plea, Mahananda Joshi and Padma Joshi, parents of Bipin Joshi from Kanchanpur, Nepal, who has been held captive by the rebel Hamas group for 43 days, have sought the intervention of Foreign Minister NP Saud for the immediate release of their son.

The desperate parents met with Minister Saud in Mahendranagar on Saturday, urging the government to take swift action. “The government of Nepal should take initiative for the release of their son as soon as possible,” implored Bipin’s parents during the meeting with Minister Saud.

Having previously submitted a memorandum through Chief District Officer Gopal Prasad Adhikari, the Joshi family is actively seeking government assistance to bring Bipin back safely.

Foreign Minister NP Saud assured the distressed parents that the government is undertaking all possible measures to secure the safe release of Bipin. “We are continuing the initiative for Bipin’s safe release through diplomatic means; we are also worried about this incident,” Minister Saud stated.

Bipin Joshi, a student at Sudurpaschim University’s Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, traveled to Israel on September 13 as part of the ‘Learn and Earn’ program, along with 49 fellow students. Tragically, on October 7, Hamas attacked Israel, resulting in the death of 10 Nepali students and the capture of Bipin by the militant group.

Despite 43 days passing since his capture, no news has been received regarding Bipin’s well-being or his potential release.


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